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Sparking Your Desire To Grow

The LiveWell Approach® empowers those living with or loving someone with cognitive change to take an active role in their own health and wellbeing.  In our 30 years of partnering with those impacted by dementia, we have discovered that living well includes finding practical ways to:

  • Build Emotional Resilience
  • Connect and Belong
  • Maintain Purpose
  • Learn and Grow
  • Optimize Health and Wellbeing

With virtual and in-person options available, you are able to participate at home, in the community, or on our campus. Enroll in a course today and start living well with us.

Winter Schedule

Lifestyle Habits
for Brain Health

For individuals experiencing mild cognitive impairment and their family and friends.

CST: Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Brain Health

Exclusively for individuals experiencing early cognitive change to moderate dementia

Mindfulness Sangha

For couples and individuals experiencing cognitive change to focus on self-compassion, rest, and reflection

Virtual Cafes

Free and ongoing social group for individuals with cognitive change and their care partners

Virtual Support Group
Persons Living with Cognitive Change

For people experiencing cognitive change to gain a supportive network of peers

Virtual Support Group
Care Partners

For care partners to gain a supportive network of peers also supporting someone living with cognitive change

For questions or help registering for a course contact Kristina Tighe

 ktighe@livewell.org | 860.628.3053

Previous Course & Workshops Offered

Travel Tour Course

Travel Tours In-Person This course is designed exclusively for individuals experiencing early cognitive change to moderate dementia. Enjoy this multimedia interactive course...