About LiveWell

Redefining life with dementia. Your way. 

What if the experience of living with dementia was defined by what you can do and focused on your ability to thrive despite struggle?

For over 30 years, LiveWell has innovated with people experiencing cognitive change. Our name, philosophy and culture, campus design, and every connection between those who live, work, visit, learn, and engage with LiveWell has been shaped by people living with dementia self-advocating and requesting different levels of resources.

What We Offer

At LiveWell we offer services, support, and resources to people living with dementia, carepartners, and anyone interested in taking an active role in cognitive health and wellbeing.

Residential Community

LiveWell’s residential community is made up of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Neighborhoods. Residents enjoy life in spaces that are designed with intention to promote a balance of independence and safety. This includes access to beautiful and secure, open outdoor courtyards and gardens.

Our experienced team of dementia specialists provide an interdisciplinary holistic approach, enabling each resident to best adapt to the changes they are experiencing. We work together to create a personalized life plan that supports wellbeing beyond just physical health. Regular outings such as baseball games and trips to the shore, concerts, wineries and local fitness centers help our residents maintain their connections to a wider community while vibrant in-house programs focus on learning, wellness and creativity.

Neighborhoods continue to have some of the highest staffing levels in Connecticut. The LiveWell care teams are dedicated, compassionate people that go the extra mile to truly connect with residents in a meaningful way.


Education, Programming, & Consulting

Coming in the Spring of 2023, The Center for Resilient Living will offer a variety of programming and education in spaces built with purpose and intention to foster an environtment that promotes wellbeing and cognitive health throughout all stages of congnitive decline. It will also be a destination for those looking to take an active role in maintaining their own brain health.

Consulting services are also available to facilities looking to bring LiveWell principles to their community.



Occupational Therapy

LiveWell’s Team of Occupational Therapists provide homebased services to support people living with dementia and carepartners. These evidence informed services are designed to help identify challenges of daily living at different stages of cognitive decline and provide adaptive solutions to help improve the experience of regular routines.

Services begin with a consultation to help the therapists understand individual needs then personalized care plans are developed to address individual needs.


Advocacy, Research, & Thought Leadership

We are thought leaders; we have received local and national grants to continue to expand the boundaries of ‘best practice’ here in our State and the Country.

We are the only care providers in Connecticut that work work as dementia peer educators and thought leaders in this field. We bring this level of expertise and tireless curiosity to our work in residential care. Because of this, we have been the preferred choice in Connecticut for residential care for almost 30 years.


Who We Are

LiveWell works to advance the wellbeing and inclusion of all people living with dementia to foster purpose, connection, growth, and belonging, through care, resources, thought leadership, and advocacy.


In 1992 a taskforce on Alzheimer’s and Dementia helped to establish the Alzheimer’s Resource Center of Connecticut as a pilot program to create unique environments that would serve to support people living with the disease in a residential setting in a new way. With an emphasis on designing spaces that reflected nature and other cues that indicated to people that there were in a residential space and not an institutional space. This transformative model aimed to offer people living with cognitive change spaces that supplemented their ability to comprehend their surroundings in a more meaningful way.



The LiveWell Approach® focuses on building a community where everyone who lives at, works at, and visits LiveWell feels seen, heard, and valued. In our 30 years of partnering with those impacted by dementia, we have discovered that living well includes finding practical ways to:

– Build Emotional Resilience
– Connect and Belong
– Maintain Purpose
– Learn and Grow
– Optimize Health and Wellbeing

Recognizing the worth and contributions of people living with dementia and ensuring their connections to others are amplified and upheld are key components of a community where they can actively determine the course of their lives and have access to the care and support they desire. 

Educating the public and other professionals to foster a well informed perception of dementia and working to diminish the fear and stigma associated with dementia are also necessary in ensuring that opportunities to live well with dementia are realized and promoted.

Senior Leadership Team


Michael Smith Maley Hunt Heidi Gil
Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Strategy
Campus Transformation

Over 30 years of excellence, we have learned so much from the people that live with us, work with us, and visit us. That experience and input has given us a clear understanding that “living well” means more than having access to top notch services and resources that can improve health and opportunities for social connection, growth, belonging, and continued purpose. It means seeking out ways to invite contributions from people living with dementia to co-design and co-create a dementia positive community together.  With that goal in mind, our campus has begun its transformation to include the infrustrature needed to bring a truly dementia positive community to life.

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