Build your Roadmap for Living Well with Dementia

At LiveWell we use our expertise and experience to help you identify the resources, strategies, programs, support, and connections that are right for you.


Build your Roadmap for Living Well with Dementia

At LiveWell we use our expertise and experience to help you identify the resources, strategies, programs, support, and connections that are right for you.


Support to Adapt on Your Own Terms

You’re in control and Resource Coordinators are here to help. Together we’ll find solutions to improve your experience of daily living. Using expertise in post diagnostic navigation, nursing, social work, and occupational therapy let’s figure out the next steps that are right for you.

Occupational Therapy

Evidence Informed Adaptive Strategies

Occupational therapy helps identify challenges with independent living or carepartnering and identify tools that help improve the experience of daily activities. These services are often covered by Medicare Part B benefits or through most commercial insurance policies.

Resilient Living Center

Wellbeing Wherever You Are

When living at home with cognitive change presents challenges LiveWell support helps you thrive. From evidence informed occupational therapy services to emotional and social support, put our expertise to work for you.


Occupational Therapy

How OT Helps

Occupational therapy (OT) can assist in identifying ways to overcome challenges and identify tools to allow the person living with cognitive change and their support system to continue to thrive within their day to day activities.

OT Therapists help bring a clearer understanding of what to expect as the disease progresses and how to adapt to the ongoing changes to improve difficult situations for all involved. 

What Does it Cost?

LiveWell occupational therapy services are provided under an outpatient, Medicare Part B benefit or through most commercial insurance policies and is not provided as part of traditional home care services. We also offer services under a private payment model.

Assessments & Treatment Planning

A personalized assessment with a LiveWell Occupational Therapist will determine a custom treatment plan that is right for each person and situation based on individual needs.

Home Based Memory Rehabilitation (HBMR)

Designed for: Individuals with mild to moderate cognitive decline living at home alone or with the support of a Care Partner

Purpose: To develop strategies that support independent living

Description: HBMR is an evidence-informed program that focuses on finding ways to manage memory loss, changes in problem solving, safety awareness, medication management, and other activities necessary for independent living. Strategies tap into remaining abilities. Services may be provided for 8-10 visits

Care of Persons with Dementia and their Environment (COPE-CT)

Designed for: Individuals with cognitive decline and their care partner

Purpose: To improve the experience of daily activities for both the individual and the care partner

Description: COPE-CT is an evidence-based occupational therapy program that provides support to the care partner and person living with dementia who are having difficulties. The occupational therapist works closely with the care partner to educate, develop skills, and build abilities for everyday care situations. This program also helps identify activities to meaningfully engage the person with dementia. This service aims to decrease stress, support engagement, and improve overall wellbeing for both the person living with dementia and the care partner. Services are provided over 8-10 visits.

Skills to Care

Designed for: Care Partners

Purpose: To build skills and promote successful communication

Description: This evidence-based consultation supports the care partner of persons living with dementia or persons living with dementia and intellectual disabilities/developmental disabilities. The occupational therapist will work directly with the care partner to identify barriers to successful daily care situations and provide education. Services may be provided for 3-10 visits.

Build your roadmap

You are not alone. LiveWell’s Resource Coordinators are ready to help you get started. You drive the pace. They help you identify and connect with expertise, resources, programs, and support that is aligned with how you want to live and the strengths you want to maintain.


Gaining a foundational understanding of dementia and learning practical ways to adapt and become more resilient, you will will put yourself on a path toward living well with dementia.


Building healthy lifestyle habits and establishing partnerships with family, friends, and professionals will help you maintain strengths and  proactively make plans that reflect your values.


Maintaining your social and emotional wellbeing will improve your brain health, encourage cognitive strength, and develop supportive friendships that will help sustain you through challenges.

What to Expect

Getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia produces a range of emotions and questions. Fear, anger and a sense of powerlessness are very common. 

“What do we do now?” is a question we frequently hear. Working through your emotions and questions while planning a path forward is essential. Identifying your priorities and learning how to take the right steps at the right time helps you find hope, maintain independence and promote quality of life. We are committed to helping you find direction and can provide guidance. The section below will lay out the common practices we have seen be most helpful to many people who are navigating dementia.

When you contact us by phone, a web inquiry, or email, you will receive a response within 1 business day from a real, live person who will listen to understand your needs and work to pair you with resources, options, and information that will meet you where you are on your journey. 

Resource Coordination

Every person will have different needs and challenges as they navigate their dementia diagnosis. Resource Coordinators at LiveWell have a deep understanding of a wide array of resources and look forward to connecting with you to learn about your situation and gain an understanding of what needs you have and how their expertise can help.  


LiveWell Coaching services are offered by professionals that have a wide variety of skillsets to meet your specific needs. One-on-one personal coaching will help you build skills and strategies tailored to your wellbeing goals. They want to learn what wellbeing means for you and create a plan to improve habits to help you achieve it throughout the phases of your cognitive change.


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