Empowering Partnerships Project Toolkit Resources

This toolkit offers information and resources from all phases of our project to guide future replication efforts, so that you too can inspire people living with dementia (PLWD), care partners (CP), and researchers to look at research through a more inclusive lens, offering PLWD and their CP more robust roles in all stages of research.  Feel free to contact us if there is something else from our project you would like to access.  

Toolkit Guide

This toolkit contains a narrative guide, a podcast, two deep dive videos, and short video from our two day training workshop to give you an in-depth understanding of our project activities and insights.  To get started, click on the image to open the narrative guide to learn more about the Empowering Partnerships project and all the resources contained in this toolkit!  Then check out the podcast, videos below, and all the following linked resources.

Project Overview Media 

Project Introduction



Coalescing Stakeholders and Learning from Others’ Experiences



Developing and Guiding the 2-Day Workshop Experience



Post-Workshop Results & Co-Research Reflections



Project Replication and Assistance


The LiveWell Institute provides support to persons with living with dementia, carepartners, and researchers to collaborate in any or all stages of research, from initial study design through data collection and analysis to final dissemination.  Through the LiveWell Institute’s Empowered Partnerships program, communities are supported in navigating all stages of co-research.

If you have questions or would like more information on the Empowering Partnerships Project or the LiveWell Institute, please contact us:


Heidi Gil, Project Lead, hgil@livewell.org