The Empowering Partnership Network (EPN) is a diverse group of partners that connect and influence dementia research and innovation, advocacy and awareness, and the design and development of systems and spaces intended for people living with dementia. 


The mission of the Empowering Partnership Network is to create a diverse peer network of partners that are leading a movement to promote cognitive health and transform the experience of living with dementia.


The vision of the Empowering Partnership Network is to make an impact that matters through research, policy, and practice.

Goals & Priorities

Leading the Movement

Creating a world where people living with dementia are seen, heard, and valued and where their contributions and experiences are a priority will take a global movement.

The EPN is leading this Dementia Positive movement while offering opportunities for peers to connect and amplify their impact.


Purpose & Meaningful Engagement Opportunities

Peer-to-Peer Support Programs

Improving the Post Diagnostic Experience

Reducing Stigma

Community Education and Awareness

Why Participate?

  • Experience a sense of purpose
  • Engage in various meaningful initiatives that matter to you
  • Form relationships with others on similar journeys
  • Share your story to positively influence change
  • Be your authentic self without feeling judged
  • Grow and learn
  • Make a difference
  • Offer your strengths and gifts
  • Develop and contribute your leadership skills


Peer-to-Peer Connection

Program Development
Creative/Performing Arts
Workforce Development (informal/formal)
Social/Policy Change

Empowering Partnership Network 
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The movement

What is Dementia Positive?

Dementia positivity is the practice of identifying strengths of people living with dementia and adjusting attitudes, beliefs, communications, and behaviors to create a community where perceptions of people are driven by their strengths, not anticipation of what they have lost or will lose as a result of their cognitive decline.

How it Started

Nearly twenty years after LiveWell opened its doors as the Alzheimer’s Resource Center, the World Health Organization and Alzheimer’s Disease International released a comprehensive report that proposed a new vision statement for the U.S. national dementia plan. This proposal encouraged the use of dementia capable, dementia friendly, and dementia positive concepts to inform policy, practice, and research.

LiveWell’s Dementia Positive Commitment

Our mission is to become the epicenter of the dementia positive movement. Innovations to our campus, practices, and resources are informed and driven by input from people living with dementia. Through research, education, professional consulting, and advocacy we will spread the impact of what we learn, practice, and model on campus to communities around Connecticut, the U.S., and the world.

Leading the Movement

In assessing the dementia friend, capable, and positive concepts, we discovered our our focus as national leaders of creating an innovative dementia care community had focused pimarily on addressing the living experience and needs of people living with dementia and their caregivers. Now it was time to pursue initiatives that included people living with dementia as equal contributors and bring true inclusion, belonging, and dementia positivity to our campus and philosophy.

This discovery changed everything.

It prompted deep dialogue with the people who live, work, and visit with us. What we learned in those conversations resulted in many changes to internal policy, practices, and plans. It even inspired a name change from the Alzheimer’s Resource Center to LiveWell. As conversations continued it became overwhelmingly clear that empowering people living with dementia and implementing their contributions would also require an entire campus transformation.

With a clearer understanding that living well means more than access to services and resources that can improve health and opportunities for social connection, growth, belonging, and continued purpose, we have continued to seek out ways to invite contributions from people living with dementia to co-design and co-create a dementia positive community together.

For Researchers

Leading the Movement through Research

Being able to impact research is a key component in creating a world where people living with dementia have the opportunity to contribute in ground-breaking ways. By joining the Empowering Partnership Network as a researcher, you are part of the momentum that is creating shared purpose in advancing work informed by unmatched expertise- lived experience.

Impact Collaboratory Workbooks

Wellbeing Measurement Workbook

Purpose Workbook

ER Transitions Workbook

Attachment Based Communication Workbook

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