4 Surprising Benefits to Playing Music

By Jenna Weiss R-DMT, LNHA, Director of Learning at LiveWell

We have all fell under the spell of the certain song from a favorite musical artist that can turn a lackluster moment into something special. So we know music is powerful, but just how powerful, AND can it actually make a difference in our brain? Researchers from across the country extoll the benefits of playing a musical instrument like it’s the physical fitness of brain work-outs.

Here’s what they say:

  • The mathematical structure of music connects areas in the brain that aren’t usually working together.
  • The vibrations that musical instruments make stimulate areas of the brain that we are still learning about!
  • And reduces anxiety, blood pressure and pain.
  • Improves mood, alertness and memory.

Always wanted to try an instrument, but are unsure which one?

Join us for our new Community Jam workshops in July and August for a fun chance to pick up a sets of claves and play with us! No previous musical ability required, just a curious spirit!

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