we were Alzheimer’s Resource Center of Connecticut.
we’ve changed our name.


Over the past several years, through deep dialogue with the people who live, work and visit with us, we have recognized the need to change our name. Our new name shifts to a common aspiration we all share: to advance wellbeing and to live well.

After twenty-five years being known as the Alzheimer’s Resource Center of Connecticut, we’ve become LiveWell. We remain the same thoughtful, supportive and caring people that you know. We believe that “living well” involves access to resources that can improve health and opportunities for social connection, growth, belonging and continued purpose. We remain committed to partnering to provide services that improve the lives of people impacted by dementia and we are leading transformation in self and society through education, advocacy and action to promote the wellbeing of people as they age.

You can visit our new website and learn more about our commitment to re-imagining how we age. by navigating to our home page.

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Phone| 860-628-9000     Emailinfo@livewell.org     Address|1261 S Main St, Plantsville, CT 06479

Phone| 860-628-9000

Email | info@livewell.org

Address|1261 S Main St, Plantsville, CT 06479