LiveWell is leading the charge for ‘Dementia Friendly Southington’

There is a movement taking place in the town of Southington. It is a movement of understanding, of challenging perspectives, of creating space for others and letting them know there is support in the community.

Dementia Friendly Southington is making strides and growing quickly in numbers. What began rippling the waters in May of 2018 is “now ready for our close up,” said LiveWell director of community development at Katy Bannister.

Formerly the Alzheimer’s Resource Center in Plantsville, LiveWell is leading the way in the state of Connecticut on the nationwide initiative, “Dementia Friendly America.”

Dementia Friendly Southington will open up to the community on Feb. 12 for a kick-off event—an informational performance by people living with dementia called “To Whom I May Concern.” In the storyteller’s theater program, audience members can hear from the speakers what day-to-day life is like, and get an idea of the many challenges they face doing seemingly menial tasks such as going to the post office or grocery store.