Heidi Gil

Chief Strategy Officer


Heidi Gil, Chief Strategy Officer, has extensive experience in transforming the healthcare experience, while successfully improving financial, clinical, and operational performance. This work began with leading the development of “Planetree Continuing Care,” adapting the internationally renowned patient-centered acute care model to the needs of post-acute environments and healthy communities. Subsequently, she worked to expand the Planetree Continuing Care network and provided strategic planning and coaching services to over 250 Chief Executive Officers and their respective leadership teams and staff. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration and a master’s degree from the Long-Term Care Administrators Program at the University of Connecticut. Through multiple grant-funded projects advanced by Heidi, LiveWell has been awarded over $12,000,000 in grants to lead start-up innovations aimed at repositioning and diversifying long-term care services and supports. Heidi has been engaged in advancing LiveWell’s strategic efforts since 2016 on a consultant basis and became an employee as Chief Strategy Officer in January 2020