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More than memory care

Most assisted living and nursing home providers offer ‘memory care’ as just another part of what they do. Our residential community is entirely dedicated to people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. We are educators; other senior living providers in Connecticut and the Nation come to us to learn how to improve their care approaches. We are thought leaders; we have received local and national grants to continue to expand the boundaries of ‘best practice’ here in our State and the Country.

We are the only care providers in Connecticut that can boast of our work as dementia peer educators and thought leaders in this field. We bring this level of expertise and tireless curiosity to our work in residential care. Because of this, we have been the preferred choice in Connecticut for residential care for almost 30 years. We are committed to helping people who live with us and those who care about them to live well.

What you will experience

Our work is in human development. Our partners and teachers are people who are living with cognitive changes and the people who care about them and for them. We are constantly exploring how people living with dementia can flourish and live resilient lives as they experience changes.


Our sense of connection to the people and the world around us is vital. Connection fuels our sense of identity and brings context to our relationships. People who live with us enjoy the company of neighbors and build deep, loving relationships with staff members who provide compassionate support and excellent personalized care.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Each of our neighborhoods is co-lead by talented people from the fields of nursing, occupational therapy, social work and recreation therapy. This ensures a balanced interdisciplinary effort that enables each resident to best adapt to the changes they are experiencing physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Community Engagement

Regular events like farmers’ markets, live music performances, happy hours, and holiday celebrations help residents and families engage with each other and have fun at LiveWell. Regular outings like baseball games, beach, wineries, farms and local fitness centers help our residents maintain their connections to a wider community

Relationships Matter

Relationships are the heart of everything we do. We believe that all human beings crave connection and receive sustenance, joy, strength and healing from their closest relationships. Our mission is built on a foundation of the deep and genuine love that grows between our extraordinary staff and the residents who live with us.

Uniquely Designed Environment

Each of our neighborhoods and outdoor courtyards have been designed to support an individual’s need for independence, interdependence and sense of security.

Gourmet Cuisine

Nutritious, fresh and restaurant-quality meals are delivered through an innovative menu to fit a variety of dietary needs.

Assisted Living Neighborhood

The residents of our assisted living neighborhood enjoy life in spaces that are designed with intention to promote a balance of independence and safety. This includes access to beautiful and secure, open outdoor courtyards and gardens. Our experienced team of dementia specialists provide an interdisciplinary holistic approach, enabling each resident to best adapt to the changes they are experiencing. We work together to create a personalized life plan that supports wellbeing beyond just physical health. Regular outings such as baseball games and trips to the shore, concerts, wineries and local fitness centers help our residents maintain their connections to a wider community while vibrant in-house programs focus on learning, wellness and creativity.

Skilled Nursing Neighborhoods

The residents of our skilled nursing neighborhoods receive 24/7 support from an experienced interdisciplinary team of dementia specialists, including a leadership team of nursing, occupational therapy, life engagement, and social work professionals who guide staff in caring for the whole person. In-house occupational, physical and speech therapists support adaptation to change in cognitive abilities, and our medical team includes geriatricians, psychiatrists, APRNs and palliative care and pain specialists.
Each neighborhood has an open, circular design with plenty of natural light that encourages residents to move freely and connect with others. For individuals in the advanced stages of dementia, we create calm, comforting and peaceful spaces for them. Through sensory stimulation, our staff seeks to “reach-in” and connect with each person. When the end of life approaches for our residents, we care for our residents with love, compassion and respect.

“They saw our mother as a person, not just as a number or someone with Alzheimer’s. She had this richness to her life and we saw that she was greatly respected.”

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Address|1261 S Main St, Plantsville, CT 06479